About Us

As a sports columnist and adventure travel writer John Kernaghan has been exposed to the tried-and-true training techniques employed by professionals at the highest levels of elite competition and learned what it takes to get you ready for that hiking, biking, skiing or paddling adventure you'd like to try.

So let’s get out of stuffy gyms and exercise in natural settings near where you live. Call us if you need help preparing for that biking, hiking, paddling or skiing adventure. And once you're ready, we can help you and friends organize adventures close to home.


He was trained and certified by Canfitpro, recognized experts in teaching safe, effective exercise programs. He studied at the University of Toronto, Mississauga campus.

After more than 40 years as a gym rat, John Kernaghan found the glory and good results of outdoor workouts.


Bring better health and fitness, particularly for baby boomers who want to stay active deep into their lives.

With a free consulation, we can identify your needs and goals and work around any limitations.

After completing an exercise readiness questionnaire, John can develop a program that eases you towards better health and fitness.

Single sessions are $50 per person, groups of two $35 each, groups of three $30 and groups of four $25.

“Exercise and fitness doesn’t have to be complicated or based on the latest trend. It can be effective and simple and fun with a measured and gradual approach."

— John Kernaghan

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Did you find an adventure that you want to experience? Maybe something on your bucket list or something you have always wanted to do? Fit For Anything Adventures now brings these experiences to your fingertips.