Our partners are so important and we can accomplish a lot together. We can transport your small group to an outdoor adventure run by The Periwinkle Dragonfly Company or Grand Experiences.

You may be rewarded with a carpet of forget-me-nots when you take the trail through Ancaster and Dundas. Our partners at Grand Experiences run day- and multi-day trips around hiking the trail within an hour of Oakville and Burlington.

Periwinkle Dragonfly Company

Coast to Coast. We create small group, Canadian coastal adventures to touch your soul! Passion. Magic. Connection. These are what drive us in our quest to introduce you to the culinary, musical, cultural and active offerings unique to Canada's coastal lifestyles.

Grand Experiences Outdoor Adventure

Established in 1997, we are the area's only full service outfitter located in 150 year old Outfiiter's Shop on the Grand River in beautiful Paris Ontario.  We offer a wide selection of quality Canadian Made canoes, kayaks, rafts & hydrid touring bicyces. plus historic 12 person Voyageur Canoes.

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Here are some other adventures to check out:

Fit For Anything Adventures has participated in several day trips (and some longer) through out Ontario and Quebec. Below are a few of the more memorable that you too can experience.

Easy to reach hiking spots open the way to the trail less traveled

There are several spots along the Bruce Trail where the famous footpath passes by golf courses, offering a contrast in leisure pastimes. You can trail a ball through pampered pastures or follow your nose...

Taking the path less traveled in Mennonite farm country

The boiling knot of dogs and kids poured off the front porch of the Mennonite farmhouse in a warm welcoming wave while a pair of barn cats edged away, giving the scene some skeptical side-eye...

Paddling down a lazy river — by kayak

For a definition of tranquility, try gliding down Big Creek with paddles at rest and only birdsong as a soundtrack. The outing with Paris-based Grand Experiences covered about seven kilometres of Big Creek, which runs from west of Brantford to Lake Erie...

Off the grid and head first into the snow

Off the grid and clearly out of our minds, the perspiring participants raced out of the hut and began making snow angels. In our bathing suits. This was a different take on the Finnish sauna tradition at Northern Edge Algonquin, a green, internet-free resort where you can get really immersed...

In Quebec, they know how to get the most from winter

The gravity of the situation hit me more fiercely than the biting wind. About 220 kilograms in a sled was about to follow some 320 kilograms of sled dogs down a steep riverbank and a nasty pileup was in the cards if the novice pilot didn't ...

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